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The Benefits of the Sun Without the Harmful Rays

The core of SOLIUS is a profound understanding of the impact that UVB light has on the human body. We have worked for almost a decade to isolate this beneficial spectrum of light and package it into a safe, effective, smart device. We work with leading experts in the world of phototherapy and vitamin D research to develop and improve our product.

COVID-19 White Paper

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Vitamin D is not just a nutrient; it’s a hormone with receptors in nearly every cell and tissue of the body. Vitamin D functions as both a genetic and immune modulator, and has a systemic effect on overall health. Early research suggests a correlation between vitamin D levels and COVID-19 outcomes.


May 2019

“I would like to share my amazing results that I have achieved in four months of using SOLIUS. I measured my levels before I started in January and then at the end of April. My doctor could not believe it.”

Jelena B.



SOLIUS Locations

SOLIUS is licensed by Health Canada for anyone 18 and over. We are currently serving the Vancouver, BC community. You can use SOLIUS at the location below. To request to host a device, click below to fill out a request form.


BioPro Biologics

845 W Broadway, Vancouver,
BC V5Z 1J9, Canada

Hours of Operation

Monday — Friday
8:00am — 5:00pm


Our Programs

Our light science has the potential to help just about everyone. As we work to bring SOLIUS to the general public, we have specific tailored programs for certain industries to work with your patients, customers, employees, and more.


Research demonstrates that UVB light and vitamin D are involved in injury prevention, speeding recovery, and improving overall performance. We have programs tailored for many different areas of sports and performance from the gym environment to the professional sports team.

Corporate Wellness

SOLIUS is a convenient and exciting addition to any corporate wellness program. Employee sick days, mental health, and general productivity and happiness are all areas that greatly impact corporate culture and success.


For the physician or health advocate who is looking for a safe and effective solution for patients with ailments that could be impacted by vitamin D and light therapy, we provide a streamlined referral program, with custom codes and marketing materials.

Location Partners

We work with location partners to host SOLIUS devices. Our Location Partner Program incorporates revenue sharing opportunities, scalable customer service support options, co-marketing, and more.

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