Light Science

Humans have evolved to require a portion of the energy from the sun to maintain health and happiness. We have worked for years to harness that energy and package it in a way that is safe and accessible for all people.

The Experience

Every element of SOLIUS was designed to enhance the user experience, from our interactive platform to the device itself. 

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You and your health are important to us. We look forward to hearing any feedback, questions, or comments you may have. 

You Deserve to Feel Good

 Every part of SOLIUS was designed with you in mind, because you deserve to feel good. Our goal is to significantly reduce rates of sickness, disease, and depression across the globe. Meet our CEO, Rick Hennessey, and learn more about his vision for SOLIUS. 

Scientific Advisory Board

We get to call some of the world experts on light therapy and vitamin D production our advisors. 

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Our clinical trials have resulted in some pretty happy customers. 

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Join our interest list to stay up to date on opportunities to use SOLIUS in an upcoming clinical trial. 

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