Humans Need Sunlight

Like almost all life on earth, human beings require fresh air, water, food, and sunlight to survive. The sun is essential to our health, strength, peace of mind, and survival. A surprisingly small portion of the sun’s spectrum is responsible for almost all of the benefits we receive from it. Without this specific wavelength, our immune systems malfunction and we become susceptible to disease. 

At SOLIUS we have isolated that very specific beneficial spectrum of the sun’s energy and packaged it into a user-friendly device, prioritizing the patient experience. The foundation of SOLIUS (the device and the company) is our light science. We work with world class doctors and scientists to ensure that our product meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy. 

Light energy from the sun is used by humans (and other life forms) to synthesize several photoproducts. There is a mountain of scientific research that validates our innate drive to get outside on a sunny day and soak up those rays. When human skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces several peptides and hormones that contribute to systemic wellness, including
vitamin D. 

Did you know?

77% of the global population
has low levels of vitamin D

This statistic isn’t surprising given the fact that we are an indoor society, but it is alarming.

Vitamin D & Our Bodies

Vitamin D functionality is implicated in over 200 physiologically regulated processes, ranging from modulation of gene expression to activation of protein receptors and signaling pathways. Vitamin D plays a key role in the homeostasis of calcium and phosphate in the body, helping with mineralization of bone and proper functioning of the musculature. However, its impact goes much deeper.

Immune System Function

When levels of Vitamin D are deficient in the body, systems suffer and perform sub-optimally. This manifests as a hormonally dysregulated system, with increased risk for bone demineralization, reduced ability to fight infection, and increased likelihood of complication from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and type 1 diabetes, among others.

Safety & Efficacy First

Our research shows that the amount of ultraviolet energy delivered by SOLIUS is significantly lower than any other vitamin D producing light source. SOLIUS stimulates the production of 10 times more vitamin D than the WHO’s recommended daily sun exposure, yet the total amount of UVR administered in a treatment is equivalent to only 9 seconds in the sun.

World Class Doctors & Scientists

Our Advisors

  • Ralph Pascualy


    Former CEO of Swedish Medical Group and Executive Medical Director of Swedish Medical Center

  • Anne McTiernan

    MD, PhD

    Director of Prevention Center at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

  • William Grant


    30-year career in atmospheric sciences with positions at SRI International, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech, and NASA Langley Research Center

  • Bernard Goffe


    Founder of Dermatology Associates, PLLC, a psoriasis treatment and research center in Seattle

  • Ben Lynch


    Genetic and expert on topic of MTHFR gene
    Chief Medical Officer for

  • Tara Shelby


    Board certified naturopathic physician with a clinical focus in gastroenterology and the human microbiome and women’s health