Our Programs


Athletic Performance

For thousands of years, elite athletes have turned to the sun’s energy to optimize performance. The sun triggers the production of many hormones and peptides in the human body, including the critical hormone vitamin D. 

Athletes across the world are severely lacking in sunlight and vitamin D. In fact, nearly 80% of professional and collegiate athletes have inadequate vitamin D levels. Research demonstrates this leads to increased injuries, slower recovery and reduced performance. 

We have programs tailored for many different areas of sports and performance from the gym environment to the professional sports team. Our team provides materials, trainings, options for customized content during treatments, and more.



In our mission to optimize the health and wellness of as many people as possible, SOLIUS welcomes collaboration from advocates who share our vision. We hope to work with local businesses in a capacity that benefits both companies, but, more importantly, encourages people to seek out the benefits of the sun.

SOLIUS is able to provide you referral compensation, direct registration for your network, informational material, and high quality customer and partner care. SOLIUS is committed to go above and beyond in our partnerships, always.


Corporate wellness

Wellness programs and employee health benefits are quickly becoming some of the most important assets a company has to offer current and prospective talent. According to Forbes, large corporate employers are posed to spend an average of $3.6 million on employee wellness programs and initiatives in 2019. Initiatives that improve physical and mental well-being can easily pay off for companies by not only reducing illness and sick days, but also by improving mood, morale, sleep quality, cognition, engagement, productivity and quality of life. SOLIUS supports employee wellness by optimizing physical, mental and immune system function. 

SOLIUS welcomes collaboration from corporate partners. We aspire to understand your needs and design a Corporate Partnership Program tailored to you and your greatest asset, your employees.


Location Partner

Community is at the core of who we are. It is our mission to reach as many people as we can in our efforts to prevent disease and improve quality of life, and we value the opportunity to work with incredible partners. We offer tailored revenue share programs and referral opportunities, in addition to providing partners with sales and marketing materials, developing co-marketing programs, and even providing on-site staff to support efforts.

SOLIUS devices are not currently for sale, but we are always looking for more locations with customers and users who can benefit from SOLIUS. If you think your location is a good fit, fill out the form below to apply for a device.