February 2019

Innovations to Advance Athlete Health and Safety Competition, second place: SOLIUS, which developed advanced science using nano-spectrums of light to stimulate essential hormones and peptides…

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February 2019

The Seahawks aren’t playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, but there’s another Seattle-area team doing its own type of winning this weekend in Atlanta. Seattle-based company SOLIUS won a $20,000 second place prize on Saturday at the NFL’s 1st and Future startup competition designed to promote innovation in player health, safety, and performance.

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December 2018

Together with the team of scientists, Hennessey oversaw the creation of the company’s flagship product: a walk-in booth that replicates the positive effects of standing in direct sunlight on a summer’s day.

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November 2018

You might call it a ray of sunshine. When you can’t step out into the sun, you can now step into a high-tech pod that will deliver what you need without the harmful rays. It’s called the SOLIUS and it’s the first of its kind in the world.

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January 2018

With a variety of possible applications, Hennessey said he sees SOLIUS turning into a big business: “If we’re successful at this business, that means we’ve helped a lot of people,” he said. “That’s something we can feel pretty good about.”

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