SOLIUS Light Science


Precise Targeting of physiologically beneficial
action spectrum

Using a patented series of lenses and filters, SOLIUS is able to precisely target the spectrum of UVB light that studies show support and improve physical, mental, and immune function. The targeted spectrum is 293-303nm. Exposure to this spectrum of light triggers human skin to produce hormones and peptides that are important for human health. The resulting treatment is uniform, fast, consistent, safe, and effective.


Safe & Effective light therapy, that removes harmful UVA rays

Due to the precise focus on the targeted spectrum, SOLIUS filters out harmful UVA rays, most responsible for skin cancer and aging. These UVA rays are present in other UV sources, as well as the sun. SOLIUS emits very little energy as compared to the sun, narrowband and broadband UVB devices, solar simulators, and tanning devices. This means effective production of critical hormones like vitamin D, with very little UVB energy.


Personalized Dosing system to ensure correct exposure time for Individual skin type

In determining exposure time, SOLIUS takes into account the wide variety of skin types and photosensitivity levels. Our advanced software taps into the ideal zone for each individual where there is a very low risk for repeated sunburn, with optimal benefits. The SOLIUS software platform stores dosing information, ensuring that any SOLIUS experience anywhere in the world will be appropriate for your body’s needs.


The core technology of SOLIUS has been extensively studied and compared to other UV sources, including narrowband UVB phototherapy. The conversion percentage of previtamin D3 per unit of UV is the defining measure of vitamin D3 synthesis efficiency. SOLIUS produces 711% more vitamin D3 than sunlight with 99% less total UVR exposure.

SOLIUS- Data Graph.png

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