Our Mission

We know the profound effect light can have on human health.

It is our mission to bring to the world a safe, effective, and enjoyable way for all humans to use light to unlock the healing powers of their own bodies.

Sunlight has the power to fundamentally impact human health and happiness. Out of all the vast energy that the sun emits, there is a small spectrum of UVB light that is responsible for some incredible physiological benefits, including the production of the critical hormone, vitamin D. We like to refer to this as the “life spectrum”.  It’s remarkable what the body is able to do with this energy, from potentially preventing catastrophic diseases to optimizing athletic performance.

We are obsessed with capturing this beneficial energy and using it to improve the health and happiness of humans.

We all need exposure to this life spectrum to optimize physical, mental and immune system function. However, our modern indoor lifestyle and concern for skin cancer and other harms prevents adequate exposure. SOLIUS provides the benefits of the sun without the harmful rays.


Why We’re Here…

"Our photobiologic treatment has the potential to save billions in healthcare dollars and greatly improve quality of life for millions of people, especially in northern climates such as our home in Washington State. We have seen first hand how this technology can impact people’s lives for the better."

— Rick Hennessey, CEO