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How is SOLIUS different than taking vitamin D supplements?

Our bodies are designed to synthesize vitamin D from exposure to UVB light emitted by the sun (or SOLIUS). An entire suite of hormones and peptides are produced from the same spectrum of sun that stimulates the production of vitamin D. Those are not available in vitamin D supplements. What’s more, vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, but is a pro-steroid hormone. As such, the body has a built-in feedback system that allows for optimization and regulation of the entire process. Our bodies process vitamin D from food or supplements in an entirely different manner and for many, this can cause imbalances leading to serious health issues.

Is SOLIUS more effective than the sun?

In less than 5 minutes, SOLIUS can produce over 10 times more vitamin D than an hour of midday summer sunlight.

I’ve always been told the sun is dangerous. How is SOLIUS safe?

Human beings evolved to utilize the sun’s energy for their own health and wellness. However, there are some aspects of the sun that can cause harm, especially with atmospheric changes leading to a depletion in ozone. SOLIUS uses a series of filters and complex optics to isolate the UVB spectrum of sunlight responsible for vitamin D production in the epidermis while virtually eliminating harmful UVA rays that penetrate deeply into the dermis. Isolating a targeted narrow spectrum of light allows SOLIUS to produce a magnitude more vitamin D than the sun with over 100 times less ultraviolet energy.

How do I know SOLIUS is right for me?

SOLIUS was created to be a safe and effective option for people who wish to increase their vitamin D levels the way the body intended. There are some conditions and circumstances where UVB phototherapy may result in harm. We recommend consulting your doctor to evaluate whether SOLIUS is suitable for you if:

You have a history of skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma or recurring basal or squamous cell carcinomas
You are currently taking a photosensitizing medication
You have hyperthyroidism
You have a history of arsenic therapy, x-ray or grenz ray therapy
You have a condition that makes you unable to tolerate prolonged standing
You have florid tuberculosis or other florid processes
You have aphakia, due to the increased risk of retinal damage resulting from the absence of lens in the eye
You are receiving concomitant therapy (topical or systemic) with known photosensitizing agents for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

If you have concerns or are unsure if SOLIUS is right for you, consult your doctor.

How do I use SOLIUS?

You can sign up for a SOLIUS account and purchase a membership on our mobile application or in the device itself. You’ll answer a few questions about your skin type, which allows us to tailor your exposure time. There are on screen instructions to guide you every step of the way, and entertainment is provided for you during your treatment. Prior to each treatment, you’ll be asked to give feedback about how your skin responded to your last session and future exposure time will be adjusted accordingly.

What are some potential side effects of using SOLIUS?

Aside from feeling awesome, it is rare, but possible for some sensitive skin types to get a minor sunburn during initial SOLIUS treatments. If a minor sunburn occurs, exposure time will be reduced by the system to prevent all future occurrences. In addition to sunburn, UVB phototherapy can have a drying effect on the skin that has the potential to cause mild itching in some patients. It is important to apply moisturizer following a SOLIUS treatment and use regularly as needed. Itching should not persist with regular moisturizer use after repeated treatments. If itching does not go away, or if symptoms get more severe (rash, hives, or bumps) please contact us right away and consult with your physician.

Can I get too much vitamin D from SOLIUS?

No! The human body regulates the production of vitamin D through the skin, preventing overdose or vitamin D toxicity.

What if I am already taking a vitamin D supplement?

There is no need to take a vitamin D supplement when using SOLIUS. The vitamin D production pathway triggered by SOLIUS is regulated by the body’s natural feedback mechanisms, preventing overdose or toxicity. Supplemental vitamin D, however, is not regulated by the body.

What happens to all my personal information I’ve given you?

SOLIUS uses security best practices to protect software and data infrastructure. Additionally, all personal information (name, phone number, date of birth, etc.) is encrypted on the cloud database and in transit over the internet to maintain privacy. Your personal information is never sold or shared without your permission.

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