Step Into the Future of Medicine

Welcome to SOLIUS


SOLIUS is committed to setting a new standard for medical devices and the patient experience. As a standalone device, SOLIUS can be placed in a variety of convenient locations, becoming a seamless part of your life. Step into the device, close and lock the door, engage with an easy to use touchscreen monitor, and escape for a few minutes while your body absorbs some necessary light. 

A Quick Escape

During your brief treatment in the device, enjoy a selection of entertainment, from exciting information about light science to gorgeous tropical beaches and beautiful mountainside escapes. This is your time to recharge your batteries. 

Quick & Convenient

You are busy and we get that. We’ve streamlined the process and created a mobile application that allows you to add yourself to the waitlist for any nearby SOLIUS . Then just head in for your short treatment session. From the SOLIUS mobile app, you can also customize your experience and get reminders for when it’s time for another treatment. 

Design Matters

Our goal is to create the best experience of any medical device in the world. It’s a lofty goal and we take it seriously. We look forward to using SOLIUS and we hope you do too. 

Real Experiences

  • I have noticed a remarkable difference in the way that I feel during our months where light is lacking. I don’t feel as desperate for the sun as I normally do, and my mood has definitely improved quite a bit. My overall sense of well being in my marriage and life has improved and I don’t feel as overwhelmed or hopeless. I feel rather compelled to keep coming to the booth and can’t wait for the next study, or for the booth to go to market.

    SOLIUS User
    Clinical Trial
  • Every time I leave a session I feel happy. Not only is using the device a pleasurable experience, but I feel like I’ve I done something positive for my overall health.

    SOLIUS User
    Clinical Trial
  • I have had a great experience and have seen tangible, physical results.

    SOLIUS User
    Clinical Trial


How do I use SOLIUS?

You can sign up for a SOLIUS account and purchase a membership on our mobile application or in the device itself. You’ll answer a few questions about your skin type, which allows us to tailor your exposure time. There are on screen instructions to guide you every step of the way, and entertainment is provided for you during your treatment. Prior to each treatment, you’ll be asked to give feedback about how your skin responded to your last session and future exposure time will be adjusted accordingly.

Is SOLIUS more effective than the sun?

In less than 5 minutes, SOLIUS can produce over 10 times more Vitamin d than an hour of midday summer sunlight.

How is SOLIUS different than taking vitamin D supplements?

Our bodies are designed to synthesize vitamin D from exposure to UVB light emitted by the sun (or SOLIUS). An entire suite of hormones and peptides are produced from the same spectrum of sun that stimulates the production of vitamin D. Those are not available in vitamin D supplements. What’s more, vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, but is a pro-steroid hormone. As such, the body has a built-in feedback system that allows for optimization and regulation of the entire process. Our bodies process vitamin D from food or supplements in an entirely different manner and for many, this can cause imbalances leading to serious health issues.